Anamosa Community School District

Regular Meeting

February 1, 2010




The Anamosa Board of Education met in regular session on February 1, 2010, at 7:00 P.M., in

the high school library with President Tiedt presiding.  Members present: Bieber, Riniker,

Sellnau and Crump.  Directors Darrow and McKean were absent.  Also in attendance was student council representative, Kayla Zumbach.


Motion by Crump, seconded by Riniker to adopt the agenda, as printed.  Motion carried 5-0.


Doug Fairbanks submitted a petition with 95 signatures on it that reads as follows: 

       We, the undersigned, are eligible electors, reside within the School District and petition        

the Board of Directors of the School District to call a special election to the voters of

        the School District the following proposition the purpose of which cannot be accomp-

        lished within the limit of one and one-quarter percent of the assessed value of the tax-

        able property within the School District.


Phyllis Lerch was present urging the school board to install additional lighting in the high school

parking lot, as needed, to help prevent accidents to both visitors and students.


Motion by Riniker, seconded by Sellnau to approve the consent agenda (personnel appointments/

adjustments), as submitted.  Motion carried 5-0.


Motion by Riniker, seconded by Bieber to accept early retirement applications and approve their

resignations, as follows:                               Motion carried 5-0.


              Virginia Beck               -         End of school year

              Barbara Kleis              -            “               ”

              Nancy Lacey                -           “               ”

              Sue Tenley                   -        Effective 1/15/09

              Nancy Walshire           -           End of school year

              Rhonda Weers             -          End of school year


Dennis Waugh of IIW Engineers & Surveyors, P.C. was present to update the Board on the firm’s latest inspection results at the Middle School.  Mr. Waugh outlined what he felt were additional weak areas at West Middle School that needed to be shored up similar to the work that has al ready been done in rooms 17 & 27.  It is his opinion this work should be done as soon as



Motion by Riniker, seconded by Bieber to give IIW Engineers & Surveyors, P.C.  approval to 

proceed with preparing plans for bidding and construction for work on the remaining areas of 

West Middle School that need repair.   Motion carried 5-0.

Motion by Bieber, seconded by Riniker to approve members of the Bond Issue Committee, as

follows:                   Motion carried 5-0.


                         Kris Kilburg  - Chair                                  Deb Hardersen

                         Bill Bishop                                            KC Kiner

                         Kayla Buck                                            Deb Oldham

                         Mary Curtis                                           Jay Willems

                         Doug Fairbanks                                       Aaron Zumbach

                         Charlene George                                      Deb Zumbach


Discussion regarding a long list of suggestions from staff, administrators, Board members and

the general public was held at this time in trying to determine the best route to take for balancing

the 2010-11 budget due to budget shortfalls as a result of the Governors 10% across the board

cuts.  After hearing comments from all those present, the Board was asked to review the ideas

and be prepared for further talks at the next Board meeting.  Meanwhile, the Board directed

Superintendent Monroe and Linda VonBehren, District Business Manager, to come up with some cost estimates/savings that can be taken under consideration when trying to determine the best

course of action in attempting to resolve the budget shortfall.


Motion by Sellnau, seconded by Riniker to establish the February 15, 2010 meeting as the date

to order a Bond Issue Election.  Motion carried 5-0.


Motion by Riniker, seconded by Crump to meet with the city council on 2/8/10 to discuss sol-

utions to the high school building project that would involve possible adjustments to easement

and ordinance(item #8 & item#10)requirements for the Abandonment of Sadie Street.  Motion

carried 5-0.


Superintendent Monroe asked for Board direction on selling the Hwy. 64 property or what their ideas are regarding this question.  It was decided an RFP should be sent to realtors in the area to

get their ideas on the best way to sell the property.


Superintendent Monroe asked the Board to review the five Old Dubuque Road & U.S. Highway

151 Intersection improvement options that will be presented by the DOT to the city council at a

meeting scheduled for later in the month.  It was decided individual Board members can attend  

this work session and let their personal views be heard, but no recommendation will be made by

the Board or the school district.


Motion by Bieber, seconded by Crump to approve an early graduation request for Kortnie

Fleming.  Motion carried 5-0.


Motion by Crump, seconded by Riniker to adjourn at 8:45 P.M.  Motion carried 5-0.