Anamosa Community School District

Regular Meeting

January 18, 2010




The Anamosa Board of Education met in regular session on January 18, 2010, at 7:00 P.M., in

the high school library with Vice-President Crump presiding.  Members present: Darrow,

Riniker, Sellnau and McKean.  President Tiedt and Director Bieber were absent.


Motion by Darrow, seconded by Riniker to adopt the agenda, as printed.  Motion carried 5-0.


Motion by McKean, seconded by Sellnau to approve the consent agenda(minutes dated 12/7,

12/21 and 1/4, claims, financial reports and personnel appointments/adjustments), as submitted.

Motion carried 5-0.


Motion by Riniker, seconded by McKean to approve the second reading of revisions to the

following board policies:                          Motion carried 5-0.

            100.0     -     Educational Philosophy

            202.1     -     President

            202.4     -     Treasurer

            203.6     -     Administration in Absence of Policy

            204.11   -     Public Participation at Board Meetings

            603.2     -     Extended Learning Program


Motion by Darrow, seconded by Riniker to accept the Kleiman Construction Inc., Cedar Rapids

bid of $13,318 for repairs at West Middle School.  Motion carried 5-0.


Lowell Tiedt came into attendance at this time.


Kris Kilburg was present with a proposal to move forward with a bond issue vote to be held in

April, if at all possible.  She has been approached by several interested citizens of the District 

who would like to serve on the bond issue committee.  Once the committee has been approved,

she would like to get a petition circulated so the necessary signatures can be secured.  A meeting

is planned for Thursday, January 28th to answer questions the public might have about the pro-

posed  Middle School building project.


Superintendent Monroe reported that additional questions have been raised about other Middle

School rooms that might need to be inspected.  Dennis Waugh, the engineer used to evaluate the

damaged area at West Middle School, has been contacted and it is hoped he will be here yet this

week to see if additional areas need work. The Board will be apprised of the situation as soon

as possible.


Motion by Tiedt, seconded by McKean to adjourn at 8:30 P.M.  Motion carried 6-0.